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Sandwich Celebrations

Sandwich Celebrations

This week we are celebrating the great Sarnie Party – a Camden Town celebration of all things sandwich - with some of our own ideas about how to make your sandwich stand out as something special for you friends and family. 

The Camden Town Sarnie Party is a sumptuous celebration of all things between bread. It’s set to take over this weekend, with 20 chefs creating 20 unique sarnies. London heavyweights like Doms Subs and Mondo Sando as well as Picnic Margate and Big Deal Bodega are on the roster, and your ticket will get you three servings plus a Camden Town beer on entry.

Food For Thought: Yes, we call a sandwich a sandwich because of the 4th Earl of Sandwich asked for one at his club when he returned from a trip during the mid-17th century, from Turkey and other regions in the Ottoman Empire where he saw sandwiches being made. He wanted it so he could carry on gambling while he ate. But in truth the sandwich existed long before that.  Hillel the Elder, a rabbi and scholar might have been the first documented sandwich eater. He was born in Babylon and lived in Jerusalem during the first century B.C. and made sandwiches using lamb and herbs.

Some of the wilder sandwich recipes were found by the Guardian who ran through some of their favourites, including:

Vietnamese banh mi 

This filled sandwich of sweet and sour pickles, refreshing cucumber and coriander, hot chilli and umami crispy pork belly is perfect in every sense. The roast pork belly can also be used in other meals, such as with noodles, and leftovers can simply fill a baguette lunch.

 Smoked Salmon Deluxe by Mark Ogus

A deli classic that’s taken up a notch with freshly baked bagels and Lidgate smoked salmon.


Lucky Beef Steak Sandwich

A flavour mashup that’s a tribute to Antipodean and Asian heritage. Why not try it with our half-price offer this week of Flat Iron Steak


Buttermilk Chicken 

Served with tender Lidgate chicken scotch bonnet jam, pickled cabbage and crispy shallots. Yin and yang come together harmoniously in this doorstopper, with extras that last

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