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Please Note: our store will be closed from 11am on Wednesday 24th April.
Please Note: our store will be closed from 11am on Wednesday 24th April.
Rugby World Cup Special

Rugby World Cup Special

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing and this weekend England take on Chile.  So we are helping support our team with some sofa friendly topical recipes – so as the England team beat Chile we can munch on some British favourites and celebrate the cuisine of Chile.

What better way to support our team than with the pie named after England’s patron saint - the St George Steak & Ale Pie. Made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Prime selected grass-fed beef and traditional stout, fresh mushrooms, onions, bay leaves, herbs and seasoning. 


Alternatively there is the traditional Sausage and Mash Pie. Made with our Old English Sausages, with caramelised red onions, all topped with mashed potato.



Alternatively, you can try some Chilean food. Many of its more traditional specialities are being rediscovered and here is a small guide to some of their more famous dishes.

Empanada de pino - Perhaps the most famous Chilean dish is the Empanada de Pino, a meat pasty of minced beef, onions, black olives, and sometimes hard-boiled egg. Many choose to top it with pebre, a spicy sauce of green chili peppers, onions, garlic, coriander, and often tomato - similar to Argentina’s chimichurri.


Pastel de choclo - Pastel de choclo is a mashed corn pie filled with ground beef, onions, basil, and paprika. Chicken is often added, along with black olives and hard-boiled eggs. A smoky chili called Merkén, is also often added.


Chorillana - This is a mountain of chips, chorizo sausage, sliced steak, and diced onions topped with a fried egg or two is best enjoyed over beers. 



Completo - This is a mega version of the hot dog. It consists of a pork sausage on a bun with smashed avocado, sauerkraut, diced tomatoes, mayonnaise, a relish of pickled vegetables.

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