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Hello June

Hello June

June is the first month of summer and for many of us that means food that is geared to the great outdoors. So, it is a season of picnics and much, much more.

June is when strawberries are in seasonal glut so there is plenty of opportunity to indulge in the much-loved strawberries and cream. If you prefer something a little different, I would suggest adding a splash of apple juice and a little honey to your strawberries and baking them at 190 degrees C for 10-15 mins- then serve with GREEK YOGURT.

Fresh unmatured CHEESES such as chevre, ricotta and feta are thought to be at their best about now as the animals are eating lots of fresh young grass and herbs.

Another staple of the June is watercress. It’s punchy and peppery and gives a strong hit to any meal. Try this vibrant watercress risotto topped with goat's cheese & hazelnuts. For a light lunch, make this pea, ham hock & watercress salad, or they make a great watercress dressing for these lamb meatballs served with couscous.

June is thought to be named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage – and this is certainly the start of the wedding season. Less well known is that several words for the month from around the British Isles – such as Mehefin (Welsh), Methevan (Cornish) and Meitheamh (Irish Gaelic) – actually come from the word me – meaning middle. We are now the middle of the year and it is time to make the most of what the season offers.

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