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Food For the Fit!

Food For the Fit!

This weekend, the streets of London will be packed with those running the London Marathon and their friends, families and others shouting them on. Everyone should of course be thinking of keeping a healthy diet – but it’s especially true for those doing some strenuous exercise.



The advice from the BBC is that a few hours before any long run, eat a meal high in low GI carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat to give your body all the nutrients it needs for the next few hours. Porridge with fruits, a chicken sandwich and fruit or a bagel and peanut butter are good options.



After a long run you have a window of around 30 mins when the body is primed to replenish its carbohydrate stores and soak up muscle-repairing protein after a run. Chocolate milk is a good mix of protein and carbs, or whizz up a smoothie with lots of fruit. Drink plenty of fluids too to replace water and electrolytes lost through sweat.


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