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Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of a Butcher's Shop

Danny's Days - A Week in the Life of a Butcher's Shop

This week has started with a very positive feeling after such a great Jubilee weekend. No matter what your feelings are about a monarchy, last weekend was a very special celebration.

A few years ago my father was lucky enough to sit next to her majesty The Queen for a lunch. It was one of the most celebrated moments of his life. We watched the celebrations on tv over the weekend but the atmosphere outside Buckingham palace must have been electric. 

Also this weekend we were pleased to see a sensible and balanced article about Professor Jayne Buxton regarding meat consumption in the Telegraph (we will update with a link here when it is made available online). Professor Buxton has a book called The Great Plant-Based Con releasing later this week that we are also looking forward to reading.
Whilst we don’t advocate to eat hugely excessive amounts of red meat, the media has been bashing the UK farmers and meat industry for decades, meanwhile ‘fake’ meat alternatives are wrongly promoted to save our planet. I hope the sensible debate can continue. 
The very best wishes, 
Danny Lidgate  
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