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Danny's Days - 6th February 2023

Danny's Days - 6th February 2023

This weekend has just seen the passing of a full moon. February’s moon is sometimes known as the ‘Snow Moon’. According to NASA, the snow moon got its name from tribes in North East America, who named it because of the heavy snow the season typically gets. It was also sometimes referred to as the hunger moon due to the scarcity of food and hard hunting conditions of the month. This can be another reminder to think of those who are struggling and vulnerable in these winter months, especially with many experiencing tougher living conditions.

February is a prominent month in the Lidgate Family and marks the first birthday. Just before Valentine’s day, my brother Ben has a birthday this week. At Lidgate’s we have a company policy that everyone, in all job roles has their birthday off as an extra days holiday so they can spend their time with family and friends.

This was something we introduced many years ago when my father and I attended a lecture by Sir John Timpson and he explained he had done so in all his retail outlets and had been very successful. He also had purchased a number of holiday apartments for his people to stay in, we haven’t quite got to that level yet.

For those planning a romantic Valentine's dinner, don’t leave it too late and treat it like a well-oiled military operation. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Fortune favours the bold! Whilst some will enjoy a meal in a restaurant, nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ more than a beautifully hand cooked and well-nurtured dinner at home.

Whatever your plans are for this week, I hope all goes well and I wish you a successful and happy February.

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