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Danny's Days - 31st July 2023

Danny's Days - 31st July 2023

This past week has been a usual late July week, except for the day some of the team, (including myself) took part in our first aid refresher training. These days are always the ones you don’t really want to do beforehand but feel absolutely crucial once completed. This was exactly this.

We had a formidable instructor who tailored the course to the type of injuries that happen in butchers’ shops and kitchens as well as covering day to day first aid regarding children and adults.

If this message encourages anyone who is considering this type of course or is feeling a bit 50/50, I strongly recommend doing it. You never know when it might be needed and could save a life.

The British Red Cross is a great place to start if you are thinking of doing some first aid training yourself 

I hope you all have a good week, an hopefully don’t have to administer any first aid,

The very best wishes, 


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