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Danny's Days - 29th January 2024

Danny's Days - 29th January 2024

This week we had many customers enjoying the January Burn’s night celebrations. It's a tradition that continues to grow each year and one we look forward to - especially when our team gets into the spirit of things.

Just like that January is nearly over. Can you believe some shops are already stocking Easter chocolates and the like?

This week was also a full moon. The first full moon of 2024 rose over Earth on Thursday (Jan. 25), in the form of January's Wolf Moon. The January full moon takes its name from packs of hungry wolves that would howl outside native American villages amid the cold and deep snows of winter, according to NASA. It’s the first full moon of what might be a busy year, and may the full moon bring you much motivation and success to realise your plans.

January has been a busy month here with some new products being developed and some new events being planned. I hope you have all had a good January, next stop Valentines Day!

The very best wishes, 
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