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Danny's Days - 27th November 2023

Danny's Days - 27th November 2023

This week we embrace the start of December and of course Christmas. Where has 2023 gone? Things seem to move so fast. 

Also this week is yet another full moon. The Beaver Moon is named after beavers because, at this time of year, they become particularly active in building their winter dams in preparation for the cold season. The beaver is mainly nocturnal, so they work under the light of the Full Moon. Native American names for the November Full Moon are Frost Moon, Freezing Moon, Trading Moon, and Snow Moon, although the latter is more common for the February Full Moon. Oak Moon can be either the Full Moon in November or December, depending on which source you use.

This week is the last week we have our Pumpkin Pie available this year. Made with fresh organic pumpkins grown in Oxfordshire, our Pumpkin Pie is very different to the pies made with tinned puree - and that's the reason customers come back for it year after year. 

We had a super busy week last week and the team did really well to deliver a really professional all round performance. Well done to all the team – you know who you are!

I hope you have a magnificent entrance into December, and I wish you all much success, prosperity joy and love for this final month of 2023.

The very best wishes,


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