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Danny's Days - 20th February 2023

Danny's Days - 20th February 2023


This week the Lidgates team are looking forward to Shrove Tuesday and who doesn’t love a pancake? Whether you like your pancakes thin with lemon and sugar or more robust with bacon on the side there's an option for all to enjoy. I particularly like having a side of our MAPLE CURE BACON and maple syrup. 


Last week we had Valentines day which tends to see strong sales in steak, in particularly FILLET STEAK. I recently heard a southern American describe some meat “as soft as a mother’s love” which comes to mind when I think of the gentle textures a fillet steak possesses.

This week will pick up a bit for the Lidgates team as we welcome local residents back from their half term holidays. Back to school for the last stint before Easter, a time of the year I particularly like. As the spring season is soon upon us, we can see the beauty of nature coming to life. 

I hope you all have a fun and joyous pancake day, and I wish you the very best wishes for the week ahead, 

Danny Lidgate


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