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Danny's Days - 17th April 2023

Danny's Days - 17th April 2023

This week we are back to normal after a nice Easter break and it is great to see Holland Park is busy again now that people have returned from their holidays. In the shop we have been working hard on some new products. 

Firstly, we've introduced a new type of pork - IRON AGE PORK from a regenerative livestock farm in Dorset. This pork is a cross between a Eurasian Wild Boar and a Tamworth pig. Iron Age pigs are forest-reared, mature slowly and live longer than traditional pigs. The result is a tastier meat that is full flavoured, like that of wild boar, but with the fat content of a Tamworth - the best of both. Available in store only at the moment but coming to our website soon.


Also this week, we are putting the final touches to our new pie that will be launching to celebrate St George's Day. It's an English Classic STEAK & ALE PIE using a traditional stout and our grass fed beef. The accompanying picture is a smaller version we made for a special customer order. The final version will be available in our usual 1- 16 portion sizes. You can pre-order for delivery from Monday 24th April.


The very best wishes, 

Danny Lidgate

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