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Danny's Days - 14th November 2022

Danny's Days - 14th November 2022

This week we prepare ourselves for our very special and seasonal Pumpkin Pies. These are, of course, very popular with our customers who are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving on the 24th. There is a story behind these pumpkin pies - and I love a story.

For many years we made a mediocre at best homemade pumpkin pie. Some customers liked them, others not too pleased with the somewhat thrown together recipe. We were buying organic pumpkins and spending hours making the pies.

Then one day, after selling the pies or about 20 years, our pumpkin farmer bought us a pie from a restaurant who also bought his pumpkins. It was incredible, so different from our stodgy sweet pie.

He told me how the chef would help me if I drove 3 hours each way to his farm that Sunday. I did and from then onwards we used the new recipe. This was about 8 years ago. This week we will aim to have our pumpkin pies on sale before the weekend.

 I hope you have a great week and I hope you enjoy the pumpkin pies if you get a chance to try them.

The very best wishes,

 Danny Lidgate

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