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Danny's Days - 10th July 2023

Danny's Days - 10th July 2023

This week we’re regrouping after a busy weekend with many people celebrating the prestigious Wimbledon tournament and Ashes Cricket. We always find an uplift in picnic products such as our Honey Roast Ham and our new homemade Scotch Eggs during these summer sporting events. 

We were really pleased to hear that our supplier and friend - Ros from Borough Bone Broths, won a Soil Association award for Best Organic Savoury Product for her Chicken Broth

This is a really good seller for us all year round and we are so pleased for her. It just goes to show all the hard work and tough days do pay off. Its so rewarding to see a small independent company get the recognition they truly deserve.

Last week was also a full moon and you know I love a bit of full moon talk. July's full moon, rose on Monday July 3rd as a supermoon. An exciting event for skywatchers, supermoons show the lunar disk appearing larger and brighter in the night sky, but the July 2023 full moon was even more thrilling as it kicks off a season of four supermoons in a row.

July’s full moon is also called the buck moon, because the antlers on male deer are growing fast at this time of year, adding as much as a quarter of an inch per day, according to the Farmers' Almanac, the collection of folk wisdom and factoids.

I hope you have a good week, it looks like we might be in for some wetter weather.
The very best wishes,

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