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Danny's Days - 09.10.23 - Shetland Lamb

Danny's Days - 09.10.23 - Shetland Lamb

Last week we started selling our much-awaited Shetland Lambs. Our association with this breed began some 25 years ago when a farmer called Ronnie from Shetland brought some of his native purebred lambs to Smithfield market.

The Shetland breed is smaller than more conventional breeds and the butchers on Smithfield market took one look and dismissed Ronnie and his Lambs immediately.
Our shop is one of the closest retail butchers to Smithfield as you travel west, so in walked Ronnie with his cuts of Lamb.

My father took a great interest and was intrigued to learn of Ronnie’s stories and how these amazing small lambs would feed on heather and also loved to walk along the shores and eat the abundance of

seaweed which was there. So my father explained he wanted to cook the lamb and taste it to get an indication if these lambs were anything special. Which he did, and he was flabbergasted - and here we are 25 years later still selling Ronnie’s Lambs.

These lambs are only available for a 6-8 weeks season. Ronnie and I would love to hear any feedback you have, and we sincerely hope you enjoy this seasonal delicacy.
The very best wishes,

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