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Burns Night

Burns Night

It is Burns Night tonight, and we of course have amazing Haggis to help you enjoy the day. But why did a celebration of a Scottish poet turn into an unusual meal?

Burns Night is Scotland’s unofficial national day and takes place on January 25 each year. Across the world an estimated 15 million people will celebrate the life and works of the legendary Scottish poet Robert Burns.


The first event is said to have been held on January 25, 1801, by a group of friends and fans of Robert Burns. So, it took them 5 years to come up with the idea – clearly not something they rushed into.  That inaugural Burns Night was held at his former home in the village of Alloway in Ayrshire with his birthday the date chosen. Much whisky and haggis were said to be consumed and Burns’ poetry was read and discussed deep into the night.


70% of all haggis is eaten this week – which is a shame as it is a great dish all year round. We have a wonderful haggis for you and this weekend is a great time to celebrate with a haggis if you haven’t had time to get one during the week.

As well as haggis – or for some perhaps, even instead of – you might want to celebrate the poet with that other Scottish favourite – scotch. If you are looking for something special and smooth – here is an excerpt of a guide to the best whiskies of the season.

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