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Beer & Meat Pairing Ideas

Beer & Meat Pairing Ideas

There is a lot of talk about how wine has to be carefully paired with different foods – but much less attention is paid to what beer goes well with different courses. As this weekend’s weather looks like it’s going to provide an opportunity to hit the garden with a drink, it’s a perfect time to share this guide to how to pick the right beer to go with your meal.

The caramel taste of a lager gives way to subtle bitterness, so it works well with delicately herbed chicken. This crisp drink will cut through the meat and cleanse the palate between mouthfuls.

It’s also a great drink to sup with a plate of Lidgate cheeses and olives.
It is of course, also a perfect partner for hand-held food. The sweetness of pork makes it a good match, so it’s great for hotdogs and all manner of our wide sausage range.

IPA or India Pale Ale – is the brewers’ opportunity to throw lots of punchy hops into a really strong beer. This traditional approach makes for a ramped-up pale ale with a flavour as complex as wine - so matching it to food opens up plenty of potential.
The heavy hop flavour gives the beer its key characteristic. You can find a wide range of different IPAs from citrus, elderflower and herbs to tropical fruits and even pine needle flavoured beers. It has a bit of a bitter finish and it’s often thought Thai food goes especially well with it.  A green curry, with it’s lemongrass and coriander flavours – match especially well.
Lidgate Burgers are also a great match, but make sure your toppings aren’t too overpowering.

Stouts & Porters
Porter is said to be named after the traders who enjoyed it as what they believed was a nourishing drink. The strongest beer became known as the ‘stoutest’ which became shortened to Stout – the most famous of which, is of course Guinness.
If you are a Guinness fan – you should definitely try our Pork & Guinness Sausages. Stouts are known for their malty flavour, roasted scent, chocolate, coffee and creamy notes. You can even get a chocolate porter – which really is a rich drink – but if you can’t – a great match is a chocolate desert and a small glass of Guinness.
Roast meats are also great with a Stout, as they can pick up charred flavours from the grill or

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