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Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

Easter is just around the corner and while many of us in the UK will be delighting in Easter Eggs, traditions vary around the world.


In Bermuda, people fly homemade kites on Good Friday. Legend has it, the tradition started when a local teacher had trouble explaining Jesus’s resurrection to his Sunday school class. So, he made a kite to explain the concept. 




In areas of North-Western Europe, people light large bonfires called Easter Fires on Easter Sunday and Monday. They began as a way to chase the winter away — but now they bring communities together.



In Sweden, children dress up as Easter witches and wear old clothes. Similar to Halloween, the kids walk around their neighbourhoods but they trade their artwork for sweets.



Residents of Haux in France, serve an enormous omelette on Easter Monday. They use more than 4,500 eggs and feed up to 1,000 people.



Easter bonnet parades take place in Australia. Kids can decorate their own bonnets with bunny ears, chickens, eggs, chocolate, or flowers!



Of course, one of the traditional British foods for the Easter table is roast lamb - and in this week’s recipe we have a simple Jamie Oliver take on a lamb roast which is definitely worth a try. 

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