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It’s the time of year students are starting to revise for a whole range of exams so I thought it would be a great time to share some snack ideas to keep the younger members of the family well fed whilst their heads are buried in their text books.

Pigs In Blanket:

Our own home-made, free range pork cocktail sausages, made with our low-salt recipe, carefully wrapped in smoked streaky bacon.



Chermoula Chicken Kebabs:

Chermoula is a North African marinade made of fresh herbs, garlic, citrus and spices and is amazing in our own home-made chicken kebabs which are easy to grill and amazing protein filled lean snacks.

Parma Ham:

Parma ham is the best ham in the world, imported from Italy and branded with the authentic logo. The treatment of both the pigs and ham is strictly monitored to ensure the authenticity and quality of the meat. Parma ham is low in salt and known for its distinctive sweet flavour.

Sausage Rolls:

Our sausage rolls are made fresh daily here on the premises using our own sausage meat, wrapped in smoked streaky bacon and puff pastry. Please Note: These are delivered uncooked. Picture is for illustration purposes only. 

Lidgate's Pasty:

"The Lidgate's Pasty is a triumph, using hand cut beef, swedes, potatoes, salt and pepper. Properly crimped rich pastry on the top. The result is fat, juicy, solid, sweet and lightly peppered" - Independent on Sunday Please Note: These are delivered uncooked. Picture is for illustration purposes only.

Lamb Samosa:

Home-made lamb Samosa made fresh in our kitchen by our skilled cooks. We use fresh minced lamb, peas, carrots, sweetcorn and onions with a traditional curry sauce wrapped in our light puff pastry.

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