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Food for Skiers (Armchair Skiers Included!)

Food for Skiers (Armchair Skiers Included!)

While some of our customers are spending the half-term week on the ski slopes, I know many more are staying at home. But being in London shouldn’t exclude you from treating yourself to some Apres Ski traditional mountain food…
In Italy lots of mountain recipes feature polenta, as a filling base and foundation to carry the flavour of their favourite meat and its juices. A speciality of the Piedmont region, in particular, is creamy polenta with Brasato al Barolo, a stew made with tender chunks of braised beef cooked in the local’s much loved Barolo red wine.


Brasato al Barolo is one of the most classic and elegant dishes of northern Italy and is made from a hearty cut of beef slow-cooked in red wine until meltingly tender.

In Praise of Polenta
Polenta itself is a staple of the whole Italian mountain region. In fact, so widespread is the consumption of polenta, that there is an Italian saying that goes “Polenta is good for four things: to make soup, to make bread, to fill you up, and to warm your hands.”
It even goes well with our special deal of the week which is BREADED CHICKEN ESCALOPES.
It is easy to make but comes in lots of different and amazing version. There might be 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, as Paul Simon said, but there are almost as many ways to cook your polenta (39 according to Epicurious). They include: Cheesy Baked Butternut Squash Polenta, Oven Polenta With Roasted Mushrooms & Thyme and Lamb Chops with Polenta & Grilled Spring Onion Sauce, and many, many more.

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