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Danny's Days - 8th July 2024

Danny's Days - 8th July 2024

This week we have been busy getting back to normal after an extremely hectic couple of weeks - including having the pleasure of attending the premiere of the film Roots So Deep by Peter Byck. What a film. A scientific study about Regenative farming and how cattle are essential in order to combat/limit climate change and the planet’s carbon emissions. I was asked to bring a guest so I invited one of our farmers, Guy Douglas from Emble Farms, who is very forward thinking in this matter.

Then 2 days later, we went to an amazing festival called Groundswell which was also heavily focussed on soil health and a scientific vision for farming. What a festival. One fellow participant said ‘it’s like Glastonbury, only better!’ I think that might be a bit of a stretch, but listening to the worlds leading scientists and understanding more about agricultures role in our planet was absolutely riveting.

Alongside that the team have been busy with a few events where we cooked barbecues in some seriously special parties. This was something we really enjoy doing but are somewhat limited by what staff we have available. Thankfully this time we were able to recruit some outside hands to get us through it.

I hope you all have a great week, may it be positive and successful.

The very best wishes,


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