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Danny's Days - 6th December 2022

Danny's Days - 6th December 2022


This week we have had quite a few things to mention. Firstly I’m very sorry this newsletter is a day late, I was busy yesterday filming a Christmas video which we will be sharing shortly.

Last week I had the pleasure of travelling to Aberdeen with my brother ,Ben. We usually go every November  to hand-select our Christmas Beef. We had a great time and were looked after superbly. The warmer weather and recent rainfall this year has resulted in some very well finished grass fed Beef.

Ben and I were able to choose all the Beef we were searching for. We even had time for a couple of games of snooker  which ended as a draw. Now we are back to London it’s heads down and work, work, work as we approach Christmas.

Talking of Christmas - and on a very serious note - 2022 has been devastating for many poultry farmers who have lost their entire flocks of poultry. Whilst ours are safe at this point in time, (and hopefully the next couple of weeks) there is a substantial shortage of birds available in London and the UK.

As regular customers its really important you place your order as early as possible because once the Turkeys are sold we simply cannot get any more. We have already sold out of Geese and some turkey sizes are becoming low numbers available. Of course we will have plenty of Beef, Lamb and Pork but we are seeing Christmas Orders being placed earlier than any year previously.

This is a news story very close to my heart and I have spoken to some of the poultry farmers personally who have lost their birds. It is absolutely heart breaking for them but also financially devastating for themselves and their families. The NFU are working closely with the government to help them but at best they will receive £17 per bird instead of potentially over £100, as well having to wait for that compensation whilst paying rising energy, labour and manufacturing costs.

We’ve been through a couple of tough Christmases these past two years and this one may be the same for many. I think its important to reflect respectfully where our Christmas feast has come from and all the people who enabled this once a year family celebration to happen.

So just to summarise, please, please, please try and finalise your Christmas plans and try and place your orders as early as possible. You can see our 'Christmas at Lidgates' Collection at this LINK.  

The very best wishes


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