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Wild & Farmed British Venison

Buy your ethically sourced, wild and farmed venison from us. Carefully selected from the UK’s finest farms and estates, before being lovingly prepared for you by our skilled butchers.
  • from £88.89

    Venison Fillet

    Wild deer are the ultimate free range animals. They have wide-ranging diets and need to be fit to survive. Hence the meat is lean and very low in f...

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    from £88.89
  • £11.09

    Diced Venison (500g)

    This freshly diced, lean venison from selected Yorkshire pastures. Perfect for casseroles and stews.

  • £11.09

    Minced Venison (500g)

    Freshly minced Venison made from prime shoulder cuts.

  • £8.29

    Venison Sausages (400g)

    A dark and rich sausage made with fresh venison, and a little free range pork, seasoned with herbs and spices and marinated in merlot with crushed ...

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  • £9.99

    Game Pie

    Made fresh daily in our own kitchen. Venison, pheasant and partridge (depending on season) in a red wine sauce Available portion sizes: 1 Delivery ...

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  • £9.95

    La Vecchia Cherry Balsamic Jelly 100g

    In Italy, balsamic jelly is served as a traditional accompaniment to cheese - particularly with pecorino or other hard ewes-milk cheeses. Goes ...

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