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We only select the finest quality, milk-fed veal. All of our veal is expertly prepared for you by our knowledgeable and highly skilled craftsman.
  • £79.39

    Veal Fillet (850g

    More tender than beef fillet. Cut into steaks for pan frying or cook whole as roast alternative.  850g +/- 10%

  • £16.79

    Veal Paupiette

    Individual veal paupiettes. Wrapped with bacon and stuffed with veal sausage meat tarragon, garlic and herbs. Approx. 500g each

  • £20.99

    Ossobucco (2 x 260g)

    Cut from the Shin of Veal. Perfect for a slow roast or a delicious casseroleApprox size is about 1-1½ inches thick.Packs of 2: 520g (Minimum pack w...

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  • from £46.79

    Loin of Veal

    Hand selected milk fed Dutch Loin of VealAvailable in 1kg, 2kg or 3kg jointA spectacular dinner party centre piece

    from £46.79
  • £31.89

    Veal Chop (2 x 340g)

    Milk fed veal chop cut from the loin about an inch thick.Available in:Packs of 2: 680g (Minimum pack weight 660g)£30.50per kg

  • £5.89

    Plain Veal Escalope (105g)

    Topside of milk fed veal very thinly sliced for quick frying. (Minimum pack weight 100g +/- 10%)

  • £8.39

    Breaded Veal (180g)

    Topside of veal very thinly sliced and breaded in a light Japanese breadcrumb. (minimum pack weight 180g +/- 10%)

  • £11.59

    Veal Liver (200g)

    Milk fed veal calves liver very thinly sliced for quick frying.   Minimum pack weight 180g

  • £10.49

    Minced Veal (500g)

    Selected cuts of veal finely minced.Available in:500g pack (Minimum pack weight 480g)£15.12 per kg

  • £10.49

    Diced Veal (500g)

    Diced Topside of Veal.Available in:500g pack (Minimum pack weight 500g)