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Poon's Sauces

Long term London residents might recognise the name from the iconic Covent Garden restaurant. Now, Amy Poon has created this range using only the best ingredients and traditional methods. Packed full of flavour, these really are some of the best products we have tried. 

  • £7.50

    Poon's Chilli Vinegar Dressing 230ml

    Delicious on just about everything. Created for our wontons but you can pour it on poached chicken, grilled fish, steamed tenderstem broccoli or an...

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  • £6.50

    Poon's Extraordinary Chilli Oil 125g

    An aromatic chilli oil, unusual in that it uses salted black beans which gives the oil a real depth and intensity beyond just heat. Use as you woul...

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  • £8.00

    Poon's WO Sauce 167g

    A reworking of the classic XO sauce using salted shrimp instead and Poon’s own Wind Dried Bacon which is made to an old family recipe. Use on fried...

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  • £16.00

    Poon's Premium First Extract Soy Sauce 288ml

    Think aged Balsamic Vinegar or single estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - that's the level of care and effort that goes into making a first extract soy...

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