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Christmas at Lidgates

Welcome to Christmas at Lidgates where you will find a collection of festive season traditional favourites as well as some alternative options for those looking for something different for their Christmas celebration. We have also carefully selected a range of other treats to make your celebrations even more special. 
Important Information: Christmas orders will be closed on 17th December (or earlier depending on availability). Orders cannot be altered or cancelled after the 17th December. 
  • from £71.50

    Bronze Turkey

    Available from 2.5kg-10kg. These Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkeys, feed on nettles, wild blackberries and freshly grown oats. They are a slow mat...

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    from £71.50
  • from £31.99

    Free Range Turkey Breast

    Available from 1-4kg (each kg will feed 3-4 people). These are from our Free Range Woodland Bronze Turkey. We have removed the bone meaning they'r...

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    from £31.99
  • £4.39

    Home Made Turkey Gravy 500ml

    Made from our Turkey Carcasses, Vegetables and Herbs

  • from £103.25

    Free Range Goose

    Available for delivery from 18th December. Available from 3.5kg - 6.5kg. From the beautiful and hidden Seldom Seen Farm in Leicester, fed and...

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    from £103.25
  • from £3.59

    Honey Roast Ham

    We cure and cook all of our hams from pork supplied by free-range and organic farmers. These hams come Honey Roasted in our own Glaze.Available in:...

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    from £3.59
  • from £2.59

    Traditional Ham

    Home Cooked and Cured Traditional breadcrumbed ham.Available in:Sliced 100g pack (Minimum pack weight 95g)1kg Joint  (Minimum pack weight 980g) - 3...

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    from £2.59
  • £5.99

    Pigs In Blanket - Pack of 12

    Our home made, free range pork cocktail sausages, made with our low-salt recipe, carefully wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Contains gluten & s...

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  • £7.69

    Cocktail Sausages (500g)

    A juicy recipe of lightly spiced free-range pork. Low in salt Contains: Gluten

  • from £58.69

    Rib Roast

    Real old world roast beef trimmed in the continental style for easy carving. Self-basting and cooked on the bone to sustain that very special succ...

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    from £58.69
  • £158.19

    Whole Fillet (1.8kg)

    Scotch Fillet is the steak for the very special dinner party. Our Scotch Fillet steak is renowned for its extra tenderness and subtle flavour. (Min...

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  • from £75.29

    Contre Fillet

    The eye of the sirloin is trimmed, boned, rolled and garnished with a thin covering of natural buttery fat for basting. This famous cut is lean an...

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    from £75.29
  • £60.99

    Leg of Lamb

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Whole legs of lamb are prepared in the traditional manner. A ...

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  • from £15.99

    Rack of Lamb

    Our lamb is sourced from trusted farms and estates to ensure the best quality meat.  Free-range grass fed french trimmed rack of lamb, either as a ...

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    from £15.99
  • £5.89

    Sage & Onion Stuffing (450g)

    Made with dried sage, onions and breadcrumbs. Contains gluten and sulphites May contain traces of nuts

  • £6.69

    Cranberry & Orange Stuffing (450g)

    Made with fresh cranberries, oranges, breadcrumbs, butter, eggs, salt, pepper, and nutmeg.  Contains eggs, dairy and glutenMay contain traces of nuts

  • £6.69

    Chestnut Stuffing (450g)

    Made using whole chestnuts, chestnut puree, breadcrumbs, onions, smoked streaky bacon, eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg and parsley. Contains eggs, nuts ...

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  • £6.99

    Rosemary, Apricot, Hazelnut & Garlic Stuffing (450g)

    Made using minced lamb, apricots, hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, thyme, rosemary, garlic, eggs, butter, salt and pepper   Contains eggs, dairy, nuts and g...

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  • £6.69

    Sausage Meat Stuffing (450g)

    Made with our free range pork, milk fed veal, breadcrumbs, seasoning and sage. Contains glutenMay contain traces of nuts

  • £6.69

    Apricot, Thyme & Almond Stuffing (450g)

    Made with dried apricots, flaked almonds, dried thyme, breadcrumbs, eggs, butter and salt and pepper. Ingredients: Apricots, Almonds, Breadcrumbs, ...

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  • £6.69

    Country Pork Sausage Meat Stuffing (450g)

    Made with Free Range Pork, Dried Basil, Ground Ginger and Breadcrumbs. Ingredients: Free Range Pork, Whitex Seasoning (Salt, Potato Starch, Stabili...

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  • from £49.99

    Wild Smoked Salmon

    Wild salmon has extra flavour because it has a natural diet and swims freely in the open ocean before returning to its native river. The flavour is...

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    from £49.99
  • £17.99

    Mini Vacherin (450g)

    Mont d'Or Vacherin is a cheese from the Franche-Comté region made from cows milk produced from 15th August to 31st March. There are strict rules fo...

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  • £8.99

    Vacherin (250g)

    Vacherin is a cheese from the Franche-Comté region made from cows milk produced from 15th August to 31st March. There are strict rules for the prod...

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  • £5.69

    Stilton (200g)

    Stilton was first recognised as a type of cheese at the beginning of the eighteenth century.It was given its name by the village of Stilton, just s...

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