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WAGYU SIRLOIN STEAK & Earthquake Appeal

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  • £52.39

    Wagyu Sirloin Steak (1 x 250g)

    Fantastically marbled, superior tenderness with a delicate sweet flavour. Sourced from British and Australian Wagyu farmers.  Available in 250g St...

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  • £4.49

    Sublime Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper Butter 90g

    A rich and decadent flavour combination  Add to your steak or eggs for a flavour hit.  Great Taste Award winner.   INGREDIENTS Alle...

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  • £6.25

    Chimi - Original Chimichurri

    The Original Chimi has an intense flavour - you can really taste the jalapenos - with a nice amount of heat that slowly drifts away.  Try with beef...

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  • £5.15

    Grahams - Steak Mustard

    Graham’s Steak Mustard is a first-class accompaniment to steak. With 10% tarragon, it is a distinctive yet subtle addition to an already tasty must...

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